Some of our present clients are

Private Equity

a) Ramakrishna Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (

    48 year multi-specialty hospital is South Bangalore. Known for delivering quality healthcare services and affordable price. Raised PE capital of Rs. 15 crores from Canbank Venture Funds & HNI investment of Rs. 1.50 crores.

b) Stovekraft, Bangalore (

    Established Kitchen appliances company. Stovekraft has products both for BOP market and the affluent class of society. About to cross revenues of Rs. 1000 crores soon. Raised 2 rounds of private equity investment, Rs. 22 crores from SIDBI Ventures and Rs. 50 crores from Sequoia Capital.

c) Bharat Fritz Werner, Bangalore (

    Largest manufacturer of CNC milling machines in India. Revenues Rs 350+ crores. Raised PE of Rs. 50 crores from IL&FS PE and Kotak PE.

d) Direct Logistics, Mumbai (  

    International freight forwarding company with presence in China, India and other APAC countries. Revenues of Rs. 300+ crores. Raised PE of Rs. 15 crores from SIDBI Ventures.


Venture Capital

a) Sloka Telecom, Bangalore (

    WiMax base station manufacturing. Raised venture capital of Rs. 2.5 crores from KITVEN.

b) Surewaves, Bangalore (

    Media grid solution for content management & distribution. Raised venture capital of Rs. 7 crores from Accel Partners and India Innovation Fund

c) enStage, Cupertino, CA (  

    Internet payment /card based solutions for banks/healthcare/retail. Raised venture capital of Rs. 12.5 crores from Accel Partners

d) Jeeves Consumer Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (  

After sales services company with presence across India. Raised venture capital of Rs. 12 crores from Seedfund.

e) Kanungo Institute of Diabetes Specialties, Bhubaneswar (   

Multi-specialty hospital with focus on diabetes. Raised equity capital of Rs. 18 crores from Samridhi Fund, SIDBI Ventures, Mumbai

f) Geo Biotechnologies, Bangalore (  

Agri-biotech Company with strong R&D capabilities and research projects with renowned agencies like CIMMYT, UAS, IARI etc. Raised equity capital of Rs. 5 crores from SIDBI Ventures, Mumba

g) Open Appliances Pvt. Ltd. (

Smart lock company with innovative solution for B2B verticals. Assisted  the company raise seed capital of Rs. 3.50 crores from Axilor Ventures  and Pre-Series A capital of Rs. 8.20 crores from Unicorn Ventures,  KITVEN, Axilor and



Angel funding

a) Plus At Home Lifecare, Bangalore (

    Home Nursing and Community Health Care. Raised angel capital of Rs. 1.25 crores from angel investment.

b) Healthsprint Networks, Bangalore (

    Payer provider network for health insurance claim settlement. Angel investment from IIT-Kanpur alumni. Angel investment of Rs. 0.9 crore.

c) Poseidon Systems, Bangalore 

    Product company in EDA space with disruptive concepts in silicon design. Raised angel capital of Rs. 1 crore.


Bank Finance

a) Angadi Silks, Bangalore (

    20+ year old women wear well knownshowroom in Bangalore. Raised long term loan of Rs. 12.50 crores from Axis Bank.
b) Ramakrishna Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (
    Raised term loan of Rs. 22 crores from SBM and HP Loan of Rs. 15 crores from DLL (Philips Capital)

c) Virtual Galaxy Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur (

    IT company based in Nagpur with focus on core banking software products for co-operative sector. Raised working capital of Rs. 10 crores Bank of Maharashtra.

d) Stovekraft, Bangalore (

    Raised Working Capital Finance of Rs. 30 crores from SBI and Rs. 15 crores from IndusInd Bank.

e) Surewaves, Bangalore (

    Raised 5%, 10 year loan of Rs. 4.90 crores from TDB, Govt. of India initiative for commercialization of indigenous R & D.

f) Pigeon Appliances Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore  

    Mixie and kitchen appliances company belonging to StoveKraft group, Bangalore. Raised working capital of Rs. 3 crores from Citi Bank

g) Vijay Nirman Company, Vizag (

    Large Infrastructure company based in Vizag, Bangalore and Nagpur. Current year revenues Rs. 800+crores. Orders on hand Rs. 2000+crores. Raised Bank Finance of Rs. 25 crores from Axis Bank

h) Karle International, Bangalore (

    One of the oldest garment manufacturing unit in Bangalore. Current year revenues Rs. 300 crores+ Raised Bank Finance of Rs. 10 crores from Bank of Rajastan (now ICICI Bank)

i) Mindlogicx, Bangalore (

    Raised HP Finance of Rs. 3 crores. Technology products in education domain. Revenues - Rs. 25 crores+

j) EASi Technologies, Bangalore.

    Major customers included Ford, GM & other auto majors across the globe. Raised HP finance and bank finance of Rs. 10 crores.

k) Kanungo Institute of Diabetes Specialties, Bhubaneswar (

    Raised term loan of Rs. 7 crores from Canara Bank

l) Geo Biotechnologies, Bangalore (

    Raised risk capital/loan of Rs. 2.40 crores from SIDBI. Bangalore

m) Geodesic Techniques, Bangalore (

    Infrastructure Development Company with focus on Airports, Innovative structures, Buildings etc. Involved in debt restructuring program of Rs. 150 crores with SBI and IndusInd Bank.



Strategic investment/Joint Venture

a) Bigshare Services, Mumbai (

    3rd largest R&T agency in India. JV with Transferonline Inc, Portland, Oregon ( Strategic investment of Rs. 4 crores


M & A

a) Comcreation Technologies, Bangalore

    100% buy-out by Cambridge Technology Enterprises (CTE), Cambridge, MA, US. ( Deal size : Rs. 20 crores.


Transactions in which equity/VC investors have exited successfully

a) Stovekraft, Bangalore (

    SIDBI Ventures exited with 2nd round of PE investment.

b) Deccanet Designs, Bangalore

    Telecom products & services company. Flextronics acquired Deccanet for Rs. 90 crores all cash deal in 2004-05. Investors returns : 3 to 6 X. Raised VC of Rs. 7.5 crores for Deccanet from GVFL and Intel Capital

c) ECAD Technologies, Bangalore

    High speed PCB design company. Acquired by AT&S, Austria in 2004-05 for Rs. 25 crores all cash deal. Investors returns : 3X. Raised VC of Rs. 3.5 crores for ECAD from SIDBI Ventures and KITVEN.

d) India’, Bangalore (

    One of leading yellow pages company in South India with over 25,000 listings. Raised venture capital of Rs. 6.50 crores from ICICI Ventures.

e) MDC Infoway , Bangalore

    IT Services company in Bangalore. Capital raised Rs. 4 crores from private investors.


    f) Bharat Fritz Werner, Bangalore

    g) Jeeves Consumer Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

    h) Plus At Home Lifecare, Bangalore

    i) Healthsprint Networks, Bangalore

    j) Poseidon Systems, Bangalore  

    k) Sloka Telecom, Bangalore

    l) Enstage/WIBMO, Cupertino, CA (


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