Marketing Support Services

Kalozal has well established Sales & Marketing Partners in China and Japan. Prospective clients should leverage the relationship for enhancing your Sales and Marketing reach in these highly promising markets.

Kalozal alongwith its Partners offers -

  • Assistance in preparation of entry strategy - Identification of key strengths of your company and develop business strategy for entry into the target markets
  • Validation of your entry strategy with the help of Sales and Marketing Partners based in target market(s)
  • Assistance for setting up your overseas offices / subsidiaries including identification of location, Governmental clearances, hiring of local staff etc.
  • Assistance in training of your employees in culture and tradition in target markets
  • Assistance in translation of your company's presentation in foreign language
  • Identifying customers in your chosen area of expertise and establish long term customer relationship
  • Implementing your entry strategy in target market(s)

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